viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2017

Tarea resuelta de INGLÉS 2 Octubre 2017- Febrero 2018

1. Actividad de Aprendizaje:
Aplicar y demostrar el conocimiento de reglas gramaticales de los siguientes
temas (simple present; What questions, prepositions of time, count /non-count
nouns, there is / there are, simple past of be, modal “can”, regular and irregular
verbs) identificar vocabulario referente a (daily activities, money, occupations,
household objects) y analizar párrafos cortos en las actividades planteadas en
esta tarea.
2. Tema de la tarea:
Aplicación de reglas gramaticales, conocimiento de vocabulario y análisis de
párrafos cortos.
3. Competencias a la que aporta la actividad:
Comprender y demostrar conocimiento de estructuras gramaticales
simples en oraciones, revistas, catálogos, posters, párrafos y lecturas
cortas etc.
Reconocer vocabulario común.
Analizar e identificar información específica en lecturas cortas.
4. Orientaciones metodológicas (estrategias de trabajo):
a. Revise y lea de manera comprensiva su guía didáctica, desde la unidad 6
hasta la Unidad 10, en la misma encontrara una explicación detallada de
los diferentes teman gramaticales, ejemplos y actividades a desarrollar.
(simple present; What questions, prepositions of time, count /non-count
nouns, there is / there are, simple past of be, modal “can”, regular and
irregular verbs).
b. Revise y desarrolle las actividades sugeridas en su texto básico Ventures
2 (2nd edition), y workbook desde la Unidad 6 hasta la unidad 10.
c. Lea detenidamente las instrucciones de cada pregunta de esta tarea y
resuelva las interrogantes sobre la actividad planteada.

d. Subir sus respuestas de las actividades desarrolladas en el EVA+,
tomando en cuenta las fechas para esta actividad.
e. Guarde en el archivo personal el desarrollo de estas actividades, para
ser revisadas en el período de preparación para la evaluación presencial.
5. Resuelva la siguiente interrogante sobre la actividad planteada:
5.1. Choose the best answer
1. He (come / came) to Quito on March 22nd, 2017.
2. She (graduate / graduated) in 2016.
3. Jannette (moved / move) to Miami five years ago.
4. (After they get married, / After they got married,) they traveled to
5. They (wrote / write) that paper five years ago.
6. I went to Cuenca (on /in ) 2014.
7. His sister took the citizenship (on 2:00 p.m / in July)
8. James started his job (next month / two months ago).
Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificará los aciertos con un valor de 0.125
por cada respuesta correcta. Total (1 punto)
1. Simple past, actions in the past; 2. Simple past, past action; 3.
Simple past past, actions in the past; 4. Use got because the action
it is in the past; 5. Wrote because the action is in the past; 6. In
because in for years, months, 7. In because it is use for months and
years.; 8. Two months ago because the sentence it is in the past.
1. It is _________ building in the city.
a. newer
b. the newest
c. more new

2. This lamp is _______ that blue one.
a. heavier than
b. heavy than
c. heaviest than
3. This is ______ city in Ecuador.
a. the tallest
b. the most crowded
c. the taller
4. My stove is ______ than yours.
a. older
b. the oldest
c. more older
5. That sofa is in this store.
a. the more expensive
b. the most expensive
c. the expensiest
6. This supermarket has_____ prices.
a. lower than
b. the lowest
c. lowest
7. Your piano is _______ mine.
a. smaller than
b. small than
c. the smallest

8. Which chair is ____________, the blue chair or the red
a. the expensive comfortable…….one.
b. expensiver…………ones
c. more expensive………….one.
9. Your Math teacher is -----, mine is _____ yours, but Carlos` is
_______ in this university.
a. good……. best than………..the better
b. better…….the best than…...good
c. good……...better than……...the best
10. There are a lot of stores near the main church. Just ______ is
expensive, and ______ are much cheaper.
a. ….one……the other…..
b. ….ones……the other…..
c. ….one……the others…..
Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificará los aciertos con un valor de 0.1.
Total (1 punto)
Use the comparative to compare two people or two things; use superlative
to show that one is the most relevant among three or more people or
1. Choose the best answer
a. She worked many hours and she didn`t make enough money.
b. She worked many hours, but she didn’t make enough money.
c. She worked many hours but she make enough money.

2. Choose the best answer
a. As a receptionist, she answers calls but takes messages.
b. As a receptionist, she answer calls and take messages.
c. As a receptionist, she answers calls and takes messages
3. I can handle students, and I like Math.
a. I`m a construction worker.
b. I`m an orderly.
c. I`m a Math teacher.
4. Choose the best answer
a. They like to swim in the pool, or in the sea.
b. They like to swim in the pool, but in the sea.
c. They like to swim in the pool, and don’t like in the sea.
5. Choose the best answer
a. What do you do last month?
b. What did you do last month?
c. What will do last month?
Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificará los aciertos de cada ítem con un
valor de 0.2 Total (1 punto).
1. It is a contrast between two ideas;
2. Activities that a receptionist does;
3. The meaning of the job (profession);
4. The options of swimming;
5. It is a wh question in the past

1. Thanksgiving A. white dress
2. a wedding B. presents for mothers.
3. Valentine’s day C. presents for the house.
4. New year´s Eve D. turkey for dinner.
5. Mother´s day E. barbecues and fireworks
6. a baby shower F. candy and costumes for children.
7. a house warming G. parties until midnight.
8. Halloween H. presents for babies.
9. Independence day I. chocolates, flowers, and cards with
red hearts.
Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificará los aciertos de cada ítem con un
valor de 0.11. Total (1 punto)
The meaning of the words and actions make sense.
5.5. Read the questions. Look at the invitation. Fill in the correct answers
A day in the park
Host: Sheila Cristal
Where: Tucker´s Grove Park
When: Saturday, April 15, 11:00- 4:00
Come and celebrate Paco´s 18th birthday.
Bring something to barbecue for lunch.
Children and pets welcome!
Guest list
How many people, as of april 14?
*Yes 25 *No 5 *Maybe 0
Click here

1. What is this?
a. It´s an e-mail invitation.
b. It´s an e-mail thank-you card.
c. It´s a paper invitation.
2. When is the party?
a. April 12
b. April 14
c. April 15
3. What kind of party is it?
a. a birthday party
b. a children´s party
c. a graduation party
4. How long is the party?
a. four hours
b. five hours
c. six hours
5. How many guests are coming?
a. 0
b. 5
c. 25
6. Who is giving the party?
a. Cristal Sheila
b. Paco Cristal
c. Sheila Cristal
7. What should people bring to the party?
a. something barbecue
b. something to drink
c. flowers and gifts

8. When do people need to say yes or no?
a. by 4/12
b. by 4/14
c. by 4/15
Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificará los aciertos de cada ítem con un
valor de 0.25. Total (2 puntos)