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Tarea resuelta de INGLÉS IV Abril-Agosto 2019

1. LEARNING ACTIVITY:Apply your listening comprehension skills by selecting the correct option (a, b,
c) for each item (1 - 8). (2 points)
2. TOPIC:Two conversations about a woman in a stressful situation.

3. COMPETENCIES THAT THE ACTIVITY UTILIZES:Ability to apply listening and reading skills.
4. PROCEDURE:● Before listening, read the items from Task 1 – Listening (1 – 8).It is recommended to identify the keyword(s) for each item so that you
know what information to listen for.
● Listen to the
Student’s Book Audio CD - Track 13 at least two times.
The track has two parts (PART A and PART B). Listen to and answer the
questions for both parts.
● Mark the correct option (
a, b, c) of each item (1 - 8). Be sure to double
check your answers.
● Submit your answers on the TAREA task on the EVA platform before May
16th, 2019 at 23:59.
Who is asking about Sara?
a. her friend
b. her boss
c. her colleague

2. Why did Sara arrive late to work?
a. the bus was late
b. she had to make a phone call
c. PART Bher car broke down
3. Why doesn’t Mike feel like he has to hurry to Sara’s driving test at the
a. because they are early
b. because the DMV is close
c. both A and B
4. Why is Sara stressed out?
a. she might lose her job
b. she’s worried about her driving test
c. she doesn’t have enough money to buy a car
5. What symptoms does Sara NOT have from being stressed out?
a. she can’t breathe
b. she isn’t able to sleep
c. she has no appetite
6. What does Mike tell Sara to do in order to calm down?
a. she should focus on thinking positively
b. she should forget about her job
c. she should count her breaths
7. What helps Mike cope with anxiety?
a. meditation
b. leading a simple life
c. being a good friend

8. How might Sara feel about her driving test after her conversation with
a. more stressed out
b. completely at peace
c. grateful for having a good friend
5. Evaluation:Each correct answer is worth 0.25 points.Total: 2 pointsTASK 2 – GRAMMAR & VOCABULARY
Apply your knowledge of grammatical forms and vocabulary sets by selecting
the correct option for each task (
9 - 22). (2 points)
2. TOPICS:Use of the verb forms and grammar rules for parts of speech, present passive,
indirect questions, modals of necessity, suggestions, regrets, time clauses with
until and as soon as
Use of vocabulary related to
multiple intelligences, education and careers, rules
and expectations, stress, ways to cope
and volunteering.3. COMPETENCIES THAT THE ACTIVITY UTILIZES:Knowledge of various grammatical structures and topical vocabulary to describe
numerous aspects of language accurately.
4. PROCEDURE:● Follow the instructions for each task and mark your answers for each item
9 - 22).
Be sure to double check your answers.
● Submit your answers on the TAREA task on the EVA platform before May
16th, 2019 at 23:59.

9. Multiple Choice:When he was a child, my brother Leo spoke very _______ and his friends
couldn’t understand him.
(0.10 points)
a. quiet
b. quietly
c. quieter
10. Multiple Choice:Do you think you speak English _______ ? Yes, of course!
(0.10 points)
a. good
b. best
c. well
11. Matching:Match each profession (I - V) with the corresponding type of intelligence(A - E).
(0.20 points)
I. Interpersonal ______II. Logical / Mathematical ______III. Verbal / Linguistic ______IV. Visua l / Spatial ______V. Naturalist ______A. TherapistB. Graphic DesignerC. PhysicistD. NovelistE. Marine Biologist
12. Multiple Choice:
Which one of the following questions is in the active voice?(0.10 points)
a. Is a placement test required for admission to Ecuadorian
b. Do Ecuadorian Universities require a placement test for admission?
c. Is the placement test offered regularly or just once per cycle?

13. Multiple Choice:Which one of the following sentences is in the passive voice?(0.10 points)
a. Yes, there is a placement test that is required for admission to this
b. Placement tests are required for university admission.
c. The time for the placement test takes places once per cycle.
14. Matching:Match each sentence (i - v) with the correct word (A - G).There are two extra words that you will NOT use.(0.20 points)
i. Someone who is ______ has the advantage of having
two mother tongues.
ii. Some countries have strict ______ that you must fulfill in
order to be eligible to receive a travel visa.
iii. A piece of advice to successfully learn a language is
to always be ______ to practice.
iv. Many students choose their careers based on the ______
job opportunities that earning a degree can lead to.
v. The fossil fuel ______ needs to transform completely in
order to reduce environmental harm.
A. motivatedB. industryC. high-payingD. deadlineE. bilingualF. requirementsG. qualify
15. Multiple Choice:
Select the most appropriate transition phrase for the following sentence:I think I have a high level of musical intelligence. ______, I can play a
song on the piano after hearing it just one time.
(0.10 points)
a. For example
b. On the other hand
c. In addition

16. Multiple Choice:Complete the following sentence with the most appropriate word:Do you know ______ the classroom is? I can’t seem to find it.
(0.10 points)
a. who
b. where
c. how
17. Matching:Match the first part of the sentence (i - v) with the second part (A - E)
to form indirect questions.
(0.20 points)
i. Could you tell me where… ______ii. I wish I knew how… ______iii. I just moved here. Might you tell
me… ______
iv. Does anyone know if… ______v. I wonder whether… ______
A. … we have a test this week?B. … where the bus stop is?C. … the store is open or not.D. … I can find a good pair of jeans?E. … to operate this GPS gadget.
18. Matching:
Match each suffix (i - iv) with the corresponding part of speech (A - D).
(0.20 points)
i. – ful ______ii. – en ______iii. – ly ______iv. – ness ______A. nounB. adjectiveC. verbD. adverb

819. Matching:Match each sentence (i - v) with the correct verb phrase (A - E).
(0.20 points)
i. The baseball game ______ started 30 minutes ago but
there is a delay because it is raining.
ii. If you like romantic comedy movies, you ______
definitely watch
The Princess Bride. It’s a classic!iii. Self-evaluations are not required, but that doesn’t mean
that you ______ do them! They are excellent practice
for your language skills.
iv. In order to be accepted in the study program I ______
take an entrance exam.
v. I ______ have drunk so much soda because now my
stomach hurts!
A. ought toB. should haveC. shouldn’t haveD. have toE. don’t have to
20. Multiple Choice:
Identify and count the number of errors in the following sentence:Swimming are one of the healthiest sports that you can did for your entire
(0.10 points)
How many errors were there?a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3
21. Multiple Choice:Identify and count the number of errors in the following sentence:Swimming is also beneficial for rehabilitating injuries because the water
alleviates the pressure you put on your body.
(0.10 points)
How many errors were there?a. 0
b. 1
c. 2
d. 3

22. Matching:Match each time expression (A - E) with the corresponding sentence(i - v).
(0.20 points)
i. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water ______.ii. The babysitter will take care of the children ______ I get
iii. Alfonso Cuarón has directed 8 movies ______ and
he is making another one now.
iv. have wanted to be a doctor ever ______ I was a child.v. I’ll meet you at the movie theatre ______ I finish my
A. so farB. untilC. every dayD. sinceE. as soon as
5. Evaluation criteria:Each correct answer is worth the amount indicated in the question bank.Total: 2 pointsTASK 3 – READING
Apply your reading comprehension skills by reading the article “Breaking
Through the Barriers
” and answer the questions.(2 points)
Exercise in reading comprehension by the reading the article “Breaking Through
the Barriers
” and scanning for specific information.
3. COMPETENCIES THAT THE ACTIVITY EVALUATES:Ability to apply reading comprehension skills.
4. PROCEDURE:● Before reading the text, read the items from Task 3 – Reading (23 – 30).It is recommended to identify the keyword(s) for each item so that you
know what information to pay attention to while you read.

● Follow the instructions for each task and mark your answers for each item
23 - 30).
Be sure to double check your answers.
● Submit your answers on the TAREA task on the EVA platform before May
16th, 2019 at 23:59.
My family immigrated to the United States when I was ten years old because
my parents wanted a better life for their family. I am the oldest of four boys in my
family. When we arrived here, everything in my life changed. Suddenly, I had a
new school, a new language, and new friends. English was my favorite class in
school, and I got good grades. My father got a job working in a factory at night,
and he learned a lot of English at work.
It was different for my mother. She stayed home to take care of me and my
three brothers, so she spoke only Arabic, and she never had time to study
English. Consequently, life was really difficult for her. She wanted us all to
succeed in our education, but she couldn’t help us. When she went shopping, I
was expected to go along with her and communicate with people in the stores.
When my youngest brother started kindergarten, it created a bigger barrier
to communication. Yusuf learned English very quickly, and he didn’t want to
speak Arabic anymore with my parents. My father laughed and called Yusuf the
“little American,” but my mother was very upset. Then one day, my father got
information about evening English programs at my high school. My mother was
really interested, but she was worried because my father worked at night. So I
promised her I would take care of my brothers, and she enrolled in the program.
That was two years ago. My mother is taking an advanced class now, and we’re
all very proud of her.
23. For items 23A – 23F put the number (1 - 6) for each events in order that
they happened.
(0.60 points total)
A. Kareem’s father started working in a factory.
______B. Kareem’s younger brother started kindergarten ______C. Kareem moved to the United States. ______D. Kareem’s mother is in an advanced English class ______E. Kareem’s father learned about evening English programs ______
F. Kareem helped his mother communicate with people when she
went shopping
______Mark the correct option (a, b, c) for items 24 – 30.
(20 points each)
24. How old was Kareem when his family migrated to the United States?
a. four
b. ten
c. the text does not specify
25. What happened when he moved to the United States?
a. nothing significant happened
b. his little brother was born
c. everything changed
26. What did Kareem’s mother want for her children?
a. to be successful in their education
b. to be able to speak Arabic
c. to make new friends
27. Why was life difficult for Kareem’s mother?
a. she couldn’t speak Arabic with anyone
b. she couldn’t speak English with anyone
c. she couldn’t find any work
28. What was the difference between the parents’ reaction to Yusuf not
wanting to speak Arabic?
a. the father found humor in it and the mother was disappointed
b. the mother found humor in it and the father was disappointed
c. they reacted the same
29. How is Kareem’s mother able to attend English classes in the evening?
a. she has a babysitter care for her children
b. the father brings the children to work with him
c. Kareem takes care of his brothers

30. In the end, how did Kareem’s mother break through the language barrier?
a. by taking English classes for two years
b. by going shopping with her son to help her communicate
c. by teaching Arabic to the community
5. Evaluation criteria: