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Tarea resuelta de READING AND WRITING 1 Abril 2018- Agosto 2018

1. Actividad de Aprendizaje: Analyze and infer information from short readings
and organize sentences using time order words.
2. Tema de la tarea: Analyze and identify specific information from the readings
“ Lindergh did it” and “Rainbows”
3. Competencia a la que aporta la actividad:
Analyze and recognize main and secondary ideas in readings
Identify vocabulary in context
Organize sentences using time order words
4. Orientaciones Metodológicas (estrategias de trabajo):
a. Read and review comprehensively your didactic guide, from Unit 6 to
Unit 8, there you will find a detailed explanation of the different topics and
activities suggested for this course.
b. Review and develop the activities suggested in your textbook NorthStar
1 (3rd edition).
c. Read carefully the instructions of each activity in this task and solve them.
d. Use dictionaries and other tools that will help you to better understand the
context of the readings.
e. For activity 5.1 review unit 6, Vocabulary and Reading One
f. For activity 5.3 review unit 6, FOCUS ON WRITING in your textbook.
g. For activity 5.6 review Unit 8, Background Vocabulary in your textbook
and didactic guide
h. Upload your answers of this task in the EVA +, taking into account the
academic dates for this activity. (Check UTPL timetable)
i. Keep in the personal archive the development of these activities, to be
reviewed in the period of preparation for the on-site evaluation.

5. Interrogantes de las actividades planteadas:
5.1. Read the newspaper story. Choose the option that best completes
each sentence
1. In 1927, Lindbergh set the record for the ______ non-stop
a. first
b. longest
c. highest
2. He was the first person to fly non-stop from ______.
a. France to the U.S.
b. the U.S. to France
c. New York to San Diego

3. The people waiting in Paris were very ______.
a. excited
b. quiet
c. confused
4. Because of his historic flight, Lindbergh became very ______.
a. handsome
b. lucky
c. famous
5. Lindbergh’s flight was ______ miles.
a. 3610
b. 33,30
c. 1927
Once you have done the previous task (5.1), read the article one
more time and match the word with the correct meaning.
6. took off a) newspapers, magazine, radio,
and television
7. landed b) To do soothing faster or better
than ever before
8. media c) left a place in an airplane
9. contest d) arrive somewhere in an airplane
10. 10. set a record e). a game that people try to win
5.1.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.1. Total (1 punto).
5.2. Read the following passage and choose the correct phrase below to
complete sentences or answer questions.
Rainbows are often seen when the sun comes out after or during a
rainstorm. Rainbows are caused when sunlight shines through drops of
water in the sky at specific angles. When white sunlight enters a raindrop,

it exits the raindrop a different color. When light exits lots of different
raindrops at different angles, it produces the red, orange, yellow, green,
blue, indigo, and violet that you see in a rainbow. Together, these colors
are known as the spectrum. These colors can sometimes be seen in
waterfalls and fountains as well.
Did you know that there are double rainbows? In a double rainbow, light
reflects twice inside water droplets and forms two arcs. In most double
rainbows, the colors of the top arc are opposite from those in the bottom
arc. In other words, the order of colors starts with purple on top and ends
with the red on bottom. In addition, rainbows sometimes appear as white
arcs at night. These rainbows are called moon bows and are so rare that
very few people will ever see one. Moon bows are caused by moonlight
(rather than sunlight) shining through drops of water.
1. Rainbows are often seen_______________
a. after a rainstorm
b. after the sun sets at night
c. when it snows
d. before a rainstorm
2. Rainbows are produced when _____________
a. the sun causes a rainstorm
b. the sun comes out after a storm
c. the spectrum causes a rainstorm
d. light exits many raindrops at different angles.
3. What color is NOT in a rainbow
a. orange
b. indigo
c. pink
d. yellow

4. Which of the following sentences is NOT true?
a. Double rainbows are two rainbows that are exactly the same
b. Rainbows are usually seen after or during a storm
c. Spectrum colors sometimes appear in fountains and waterfalls
d. Moon bows are caused by moonlight
5.2.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.25. Total (1 punto )
5.3. Read and put the sentences in time order.
I went swimming with my husband last month
1. First, a. we decide to use the sauna room, we like it
2. Then,
b. we went to a cafeteria to eat something
3. Later,
c. we put in our backpack our new swimming
4. Finally, d. we went to the pool and bought the tickets
Swimming is fun, especially with my husband I love him
5.3.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos con un valor de
0.25. Total (1 punto)
5.4. Complete the sentences with the correct word form: verb(v), noun
(n), or adjective(adj.). Choose the correct option.
1. Most customers like to receive ____________.
a. discount (v.)
b. discount (n.)
c. discounts (n.)
d. discounted (adj.)
2. Businesses need to _______________for their customers.
a. compete (v.)
b. competition (n.)
c. competitor (n.)
d. competitive (adj.)

3. Captain Video hires ______________from the local community.
a. employ (v.)
b. employer (n.)
c. employees (n.)
d. employable (adj.)
4. It is very difficult to ___________________ a video store.
a. own (v.)
b. owner (n.)
c. ownership (n.)
d. own (adj.)
5.4.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.25. Total (1 punto).
5.5. Read the following paragraph and use the words from the box to fill
in the blanks. Not all the words will be used.
-heavy traffic - convenient - solutions - residents
-pedestrian - on time - commute
I never get to work 1. _________ because there is so much
2. _____________. The city needs to develop some good 3.
_____________ to the traffic problems. Last week, our city had a
meeting about decreasing traffic. Some people had great ideas, but
the ideas were not 4. ________________. I believe people should
just walk to work or take the bus. Maybe some people can even 5.
________ to work with other employees.
5.5.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.2 Total (1 punto).
5.6. Read the following paragraph. Then write if the sentences are True
(T) or False (F)
Most high schools seniors are going to college after they graduate. Brett
Shaw won´t be one of them Shaw, our school´s best basketball star, is
going to play in the NBA for the New York Kicks. I don´t think it´s a good
idea to skip college and join the professional basketball league early.
Kwame Brown; a professional basketball player did that. He had a lot of

talent, but he was not as mature as older players. He did not know how to
be a team player. He wanted to be the best player, so he hogging the ball.
1. Brett Shaw was a basketball star. ________
2. Brown knew how to be a team player. ________
3. Shaw was not mature as older players. ________
4. Kwame is going to play in the NBA. ________
5. Brown has a lot of talent. ________
5.6.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.2 Total (1 punto).