martes, 10 de abril de 2018

Tarea resuelta de INGLÉS 3 Abril 2018- Agosto 2018

1. Actividad de Aprendizaje:
Aplicar y demostrar el conocimiento de reglas gramaticales de los
siguientes temas: comparisons with more tan, less tan, as much as, present
perfect with for, since, yet, already, lately, recently, questions short answers
because of and because, to and enough verbs+gerunds and verbs+infinitives,
identificar vocabulario referente a: family and Friends, healh, place names, y
analizar lecturas en las actividades planteadas en esta tarea.
2. Tema de la tarea: Aplicación de reglas gramaticales, conocimiento de
vocabulario y análisis de lecturas.
3. Competencias a la que aporta la actividad:
• Comprender y demostrar el conocimiento de estructuras gramaticales a
nivel intermedio en: textos, revistas, catálogos, párrafos y lecturas.
• Reconocer vocabulario común.
• Analizar e identificar información específica en lecturas.
4. Orientaciones metodológicas (estrategias de trabajo):
a. Revise la guía didáctica, desde la unidad 1 hasta la unidad 5
b. Revise las explicación de los diferentes temas gramaticales,
c. Desarrolle los ejercicios y actividades planteados.
d. Revise y desarrolle las actividades sugeridas en su texto básico Ventures
3 (2nd edition), y workbook desde la Unidad 1 hasta la unidad 5.
e. Revise y responda cada pregunta de esta tarea
f. Suba las respuestas de las actividades desarrolladas en el EVA+.
g. Ponga atención a las fechas de envió de la tarea.
h. Guarde en su archivo personal el desarrollo de las actividades.
i. Revise las actividades desarrolladas como práctica y preparación para la
evaluación presencial.

5. Resuelva el siguiente cuestionario sobre la actividad planteada:
5.1. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb (Present
buy be/you speak not /plan write
1. My parents…………… their holiday yet.
2. Laura…………five letters.
3. ………Joseph………..to his boss?
4. Pablo and me……………….. a new lamp.
5. ……………………at school?
6. Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificará los aciertos de cada ítem con un
valor de 0.1. Total (0.5).
7. Argumento para la retroalimentación de la respuesta
Explanation: The present perfect structure is: have/has + past participle
5.2. Choose the correct word to complete the sentences
recently already since yet just
1. They hurried to the store, but it was …………………closed.
2. I do not say anything to Mary. I have not told anyone…….
3. I ……………. walked in the door. Can I call you later?
4. I have felt really tired………….
5. We have not seen each other ……………..Saturday
6. Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con un
valor de 0.1. Total (0.5).

5.3. Complete the sentences with the correct comparative form.
more are…as……as less …than as…as
more….. than
1. The Hilton is a 4 starts hotel. The Ritz is a 5 starts hotel.
The Hilton hotel is …….luxurious …….The Ritz.
2. “Narnia’s Chronicles”…..not …famous……Harry Potter books.
3. love you ..…much.... you do.
4. Grammar exercises are generally ……difficult……… Vocabulary
5. Can’t you be a little …………serious?
6. Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con un valor
de 0.1. Total (0.5).
5.4. Complete the sentences with the correct Word.
Because Because of
1. I couldn’t arrive on time ……………………I had miss the train
because because of
2. The flight was cancelled …………bad weather.
because because of
3. Leila left early…………………she was tired.
because because of
4. I came here………… I want to talk to you.
because because of
5. Their new product didn’t sell well ………its poor quality.
because because of
6. Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con un valor
de 0.1. Total (0.5).

5.5. Complete the text using the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
Gerund or infinitive
Jane went to the shop and bought a gun. That night she tried 1…….
(stop) the fox. At first she tried 2………(scare) the fox by shooting into the
air but it didn’t work. So she tried 3……….. (hit) the fox but she missed
She called her husband and he ran after the fox to try 4…….…..(catch) it
but he wasn’t fast enough. They tried 5….…..(shout) at the fox and they
tried 6…..….(throw) things at it and they tried 7…..….(leave) other food
for the fox but nothing worked.
Soon they had only 1 chicken left. They tried 8…..….(ask) their neighbours
for help and one of their neighbours told them to try 9…..….(put) tiger
dung on the ground. So they went to the local zoo to try 10…..….(buy)
some tiger dung. They put the dung on the ground and they never saw
the fox again.
Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con un valor
de 0.2. Total (2).
5.6. Read the text and answer the questions.
How to Trace Your Family Tree Online
A family tree or genealogical tree is a diagram that shows the relationships
between members of a family in several generations. Creating a family
tree is a great way for children to broaden their knowledge about great
grandparents and other family members who have passed away or who
they have never had the chance to meet. For adults, it can be a way to
learn about family history and how it has affected their present and future
Tracing and creating a family tree can be difficult and complicated to
do, especially if you do not have sufficient knowledge about your family
history and only have a few old photos and documents. However, digita
technology has made it easier for you because now you can access
online databases and search engines and obtain the information you
need within minutes. The key information that you need includes names
(common surnames or family names), dates of significant events (birth,
marriage, death, emigration) and places to locate records such as church

You can start your genealogy research by building a skeleton family
tree. For this purpose, you can go to various sites on the Internet. After
you have done the basic family tree, it is time to dig deeper by going to
more specialized websites that contain military or employment records,
parish records or wills. In this phase, you need to be sure of what you are
searching for. For example, if you look for the military records of your great
grandfather, you should have his full name, date of birth and the forces
in which he served. Here are some sites that genealogists often use to
research specific information: 1) the National Archives site contains wills
and naval records, 2) the Origins Network site contains apprenticeship
records, military records and marriage indexes, 3) the Times Online site
provides information about famous or notorious ancestors from 1785-
1985 and 4) the CWGC site provides details of servicemen and women
who died during the two World Wars.
Of course, not all information is available online and you should not
expect to find your entire family tree in one place. You may still need to
visit your local family history center and look at cemeteries, courthouses
and churches for more information. You can also make contact with
genealogy communities through their websites and ask for a piece of
advice. You can use sites like Genuki and Cyndis List to consult on
genealogy research and find valuable information, genealogical material
and links to hundreds of other genealogy websites.
1. What is the advantage of creating a family tree?
A To broaden knowledge about genealogy.
B To learn about family history.
C To memorize the names of all family members.
D To organize family members.
2. What makes creating a family tree easier and faster to do?
A Military records
B Old photos
C Online databases
D Church register

3. What key information that is needed to create a family tree?
A Names, dates and places.
B Full names and dates of birth.
C Surnames and complete addresses.
D Names, dates and photos.
4. On which site can you find naval records?
A Times Online
B Origins Network
C Cyndis List
D National Archives
5. Who should you consult when you need help in creating a
family tree?
E Famous ancestors
F Genealogy community
G Digital technologist
H Great grandfather
6. Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con un valor
de 0.2. Total (2).