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Tarea resuelta de READING AND WRITING 1 Abril 2018- Agosto 2018

1. Actividad de Aprendizaje: Analyze and infer information from short readings
and identify the main idea and vocabulary
2. Tema de la tarea: Analyze and identify specific information from the reading
“Join Europa Pages”
3. Competencia a la que aporta la actividad:
Analyze and recognize the main idea in readings
Identify vocabulary in context
Reading for details
Use correct punctuation in short paragraphs
4. Orientaciones Metodológicas (estrategias de trabajo):
a. Read and review comprehensively your didactic guide, from Unit 1 to
Unit 4, there you will find a detailed explanation of the different topics and
activities suggested for this course.
b. Review and develop the activities suggested in your textbook NorthSta
1 (3rd edition).
c. Read carefully the instructions of each activity in this task and solve them
d. Use dictionaries and other tools that will help you to better understand the
context of the readings.
e. For activity 5.3 review unit 2, FOCUS ON WRITING in your textbook.
f. For activity 5.4 review unit 1, FOCUS ON WRITING in your textbook
g. Upload your answers of this task in the EVA +, taking into account the
academic dates for this activity. (Check UTPL timetable)
h. Keep in the personal archive the development of these activities, to be
reviewed in the period of preparation for the on-site evaluation.
5. Interrogantes de las actividades planteadas:
5.1. Read the article about “Join Europa Pages”. Choose the correc
answer for each question.

Join Europa Pages
Do you want language learning to be more fun? Students at Wilson High
School have fun studying foreign languages. They chat with pen pals
from other countries.
Welcome to Europa Pages (www.europa-pages.com), the website
about language and friendship. If you want to practice a language with
an international friend, join Europa Pages. It’s free. You can build a
community of friends from around the world and achieve your language
Keyana Campbell, a sophomore, has a pen pal in Granada, Spain.
Keyana said, “I chat with Rosa, my pen pal, every week online. I practice
Spanish, and she practices English. We laugh and have a lot of fun.”
Mitch Jacobs, a freshman, is learning French. His pen pal, Jacques, lives
in Paris, France. “Jacques helps me with my French. He gives me advice
that helps me to remember vocabulary,” Mitch said.
Senior Debbie Sanchez has a pen pal, Luis, in Argentina. “We practice a
lot. We e-mail each other every day. Writing is easier than talking on the
phone or face to face. I don’t get nervous when I write.”
Europa Pages is safe. Some of the people at Europa Pages are volunteers.
They work there because they love the website. They make sure the
website is safe for everyone. Europa Pages never asks users to enter
personal information such as their address or credit card number.
Europa pages has two goals: to help people learn foreign languages and
to help people make friends worldwide. When people make international
friends, they bring more peace to the world.
1. What’s the article talking about?
a. An international show
b. A website
c. An online game
d. A magazine

2. Why do students at Wilson High School join Europa Pages?
a. Do homework
b. Get credit cards
c. Give advice
d. Study languages
3. Students who visit Europa Pages are probably __________.
a. friendly
b. funny
c. nervous
d. unfriendly
4. Choose the four words that were used to describe Europa
a. Easy
b. Free
c. Fun
d. New
e. Quick
f. Safe
5. One of the goals of Europa Pages is __________.
a. give a credit card number
b. make friends worldwide
c. help to practice Spanish
d. give advice about languages
6. In Europa Pages you can __________.
a. speak get good scores
b. do an international website
c. achieve your language goals
d. remember hard vocabulary

Once you have done the previous task (5.1), read the article one
more time and match the word with the correct meaning.
1. A community a) quiet and agreement
2. A goal b) helpful ideas
3. Peace c) All the people in the same place
4. Advice d) something you want in the future
5.1.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.1 Total (1 punto).
5.2. Read the following letter. Choose True or False according to the
1. Students at Lincoln High School have a uniform this year. ____
2. Parents will spend less money on clothes. ____
3. Mr. Collins thinks school spirit is important. ____
4. Students at Lincoln High School chose the colors of the new
uniform. ____

5. Mr. Collins wants to know the opinions of students and parents.
5.2.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.20. Total (1 punto )
5.3. Read the sentences below about Andy Warhol. Number the sentences
in time order from 1 to 7. The first and last sentence has been done
for you.
a. Andy Warhol was born in Pennsylvania in 1912.
b. Warhol had his first art show in 1952.
c. In the 1950s, Warhol was a commercial artist on Madison Avenue
in New York.
d. Andy Warhol and Keith Haring were good friends in the 1980s.
e. By the early 1960s, Andy Warhol was a famous Pop artist.
f. Warhol was a student at Carnegie Institute of Technology from 1945
to 1949. __
g. Andy Warhol died in 1987.
5.3.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos con un valor de
0.2 Total (1 punto)
5.4. Read the paragraph and add the correct punctuation (period, comma,
question mark, or exclamation point) in the blank space.
What is Facebook?
Facebook is another popular website (1) ____ Facebook started in 2004.
It is really great(2)____ Users have personal webpages (3)____ You can
share pictures, videos, opinions (4 ) ______ events, etc. Are you interested
(5)____ Visit Facebook online for more information.
5.4.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.2 Total (1punto).
5.5. Read the topic sentences below. Choose one detail that does NOT
support the main idea in each group.

1. Frank was very sick last week.
a. He had a bad cough.
b. He spent time with his mother.
c. Frank went to the drugstore to buy cough drops.
d. He didn´t go to school, he stayed in bed.
2. Chemistry is a very complex science.
a. It studies the composition of all matter.
b. It is spoken in twenty nine centuries around the world.
c. There are thousands of chemical reactions.
d. It helps people to discover new things.
3. Yesterday I went to a beautiful lake in our town.
a. Sometimes I rent a boat at the boathouse there.
b. There are a lot of ducks living on the lake.
c. There are trails around the lake for walking and jogging.
d. I don´t have a lot of time to visit the lake.
4. I enjoyed going to my parents’ home in the mountains.
a. I always felt very relaxed there.
b. I enjoy shopping at the mall.
c. The mountains were so quiet, and life seemed so slow.
d. The fresh air made me feel healthy.
5. The city park is a wonderful place to visit.
a. You can see many beautiful flowers and trees.
b. The birds are always a pleasure to watch.
c. The museum was built in 1962.
d. It´s fun to watch people walking, jogging or riding their
5.5.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.2 Total (1 punto).

5.6. Read the letter to the editor. Use the words from the box to fill in the
blanks. Not all of the words will be used.
-Fall through the
-community -join teenagers
-Give someone a
-members urban -set a good example
March 18, 2017
Dear Editor,
I live in the South Bronx. The Urban Angels have been helping other
1_________stay out of trouble. They are wonderful members of the
2____________ I hope other younger adults 3____________ the Urban
Angels have 4_______________________ for others. We should not let
this program just 5______________. Please support the Urban Angels.
Mr. Eric Himes
5.6.1.Criterio de Evaluación: Se calificara los aciertos de cada ítem con
un valor de 0.2 Total (1 punto).
Estimado(a) estudiante, una vez resuelta su tarea en el documento impreso
(borrador), acceda al Entorno Virtual de Aprendizaje (EVA) en www.utpl.edu.ec
e ingrese las respuestas respectivas.
Le recordamos que para presentarse a rendir las evaluaciones presenciales no
está permitido el uso de ningún material auxiliar (calculadora, diccionario, libros,
Biblia, formularios, códigos, leyes, etc.)
Las pruebas presenciales están diseñadas para desarrollarlas sin la utilización
de estos materiales.